The latest Publications by TCN Coalition Working Groups

UX Recommendations Whitepaper

The following Whitepaper lays out the TCN Coalition’s recommendations for best practices around the UX for Exposure Notification (aka digital contact tracing) apps. It is the result of discussion within the TCN Coalition’s community of members and experts.

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Component-Based Comparison of Privacy-First Exposure Notification Protocols

The TCN Coalition supports efforts towards privacy-preserving exposure notification, for which several privacy-by-design protocols exist. The following document, written by Working Group lead Ellie Daw, is a component-based summary and comparison.

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Interoperability Recommendations Whitepaper

The TCN Coalition supports apps that are building privacy-first, decentralized solutions for contact tracing in support of the COVID-19 crisis. In order for the various apps to collectively achieve necessary adoption, it is paramount that cross-application interoperability is achieved.

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